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Quiz Night 2019

Come and help Timpir provide education for over 1300 students at Wäramoth and Mabok Primary Schools in South Sudan. Get together a table of 8-10 (or come by yourself and join a table, we have half-tables already booked) for a night of fun, entertainment and great prizes at the Timpir Quiz night.

31 August at 18:30 – 22:30

Blackfriars Priory School
17 Prospect Rd, Prospect, South Australia 5082
(enter off Highbury St)

How much: $15

RSVP via our Facebook event page or call us on 0422 816 840.

See you there!

Quiz Night 2018
Quiz Night 2018

Quiz Night table 2018
Quiz Night table 2018

Volleyball in Wäramoth School

Volleyball Captain
Volleyball Captain
This wonderful student is the captain of the Wäramoth primary school volleyball team. Volleyball is the main sport that girls play at school, with boys playing soccer. The volleyball captain is requesting that Timpir assist the girls of Wäramoth primary school by providing them with balls and a net. If you would like to donate to assist Timpir purchase some volleyballs, a net and a pump for the girls of Wäramoth, please consider donating at https://globaldevelopmentgroup.org/au/projects/j943n-timpir-quality-school/

Message from Martha

Dear Timpir Supporters,
“Educate a girl, change the world”


We have a message from one of our recent students in Wäramoth:

This is Martha, one of last year’s Year 8 candidates, she is now 17 years old. Martha did well in her Year 8 exams and has been able to go on to high school education at boarding school in Aweil.
Martha spoke with Tong, our project manager in South Sudan:
“I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the Timpir supporters for their hard work to join hands and keep our teachers in school. We hope Timpir will grow well.

Thanks for showing us the word EDUCATION”

If you can contribute please visit our crowdfunding page and share with your friends and colleagues!
So far we have raised almost enough to support 4 of our teachers for the year. We have 14 days left to raise the final $2000. This money goes directly to the Timpir schools in South Sudan and will help keep 1300 students in school!
We all passionately believe that every child deserves a basic education at the very least and as our supporters, we thank you for believing in Timpir and our vision. Please help us get to the finish line!

Thanks again for your support.
Kind regards,
The Timpir Team

Educate a Girl, Change the World

Educate a Child

Well done everybody! We made almost $10,000!


Just 24 hours left for our crowdfunding campaign for 2019!! Donations will go directly towards providing teacher
salaries at the two Timpir schools. Still time to make a tax deductible donation 🙂

Thanks for your support,

The Timpir Team xx

Woohoo! We have hit $8000! Thank you so much to all the wonderful and generous people who have supported the kids of Wäramoth and Mabok.
Now if Israel Folau can get $250000 in a few hours to fund his bigotry, I think we need to show him that love will win over hatred! Let’s get to $9000!
Thanks team

Hi everyone, just 12 days left of our campaign to raise 5 teacher salaries.
Only $1900 left to go! 🙂 All donations are tax deductible. Please keep sharing and supporting if you can.
Every bit counts!!
Thanks from the Timpir Team xx

Hi Timpir supporters, just over 2 weeks to go until our crowd fund campaign finishes. We’re 3/4 of the way there. 😁 Please keep sharing and supporting the campaign. Every bit counts! Many thanks, Timpir Team xx

Thanks to all of the wonderful people who have donated so far contributing to our efforts to raise $8000 to pay the salaries of 5 teachers in South Sudan for the year. We’re currently at the magical figure of $5555. There’s still time to make your tax deductible contribution to help girls continue to access education in an area where a 15 year old girl is more likely to die in childbirth than complete primary school. https://timpir-gdg-j943n.raisely.com/…

😁😍 $5000!!
Thanks to everyone who has donated – you are helping to make sure Timpir’s vision continues to be a reality for the kids of Wäramoth and Mabok…!!!! We still got a way to go, get in there before the EOFY!


Crowd fund update – WEEK 1: We’ve almost hit $3200! This will cover two teacher salaries for and entire year!
On behalf of the Timpir schools, communities in Wäramoth and Mabok and the team here in Aus we would like to thank you for your amazing support.
Please keep sharing and supporting the campaign to help us reach our goal of 5 teacher salaries. All donations are tax deductible too!
Timpir Team x

We’ve just hit $2000!! This will cover the cost of one teacher for an entire year!
A huge thanks to everyone who helps make this possible! With your support we make sure we have enough teachers to ensure all of the students
continue their education. Please keep sharing and donating to help us reach our goal of $8000! Timpir Team xx

Hi Everyone! Please support our campaign to raise 5 teacher salaries for our two Timpir schools in Wäramoth and Mabok.
We believe passionately that education is key to change and keeping girls in school can make a world of difference to young girls and their communities.
Every dollar goes a long way and we appreciate every bit of support! Please share our campaign with your friends and family too.
Thanks so much for your on-going support.


The Timpir Team xx

**p.s. All donations are tax deductible!

Educate a Child — Raisely Campaign

Timpir’s Educate a Child campaign has become a Raisely campaign.

If you believe in the power of educating ALL children, please SUPPORT us! Timpir would like to raise $6,000 for 3 teachers’ salaries, to keep our growing schools running in South Sudan.

To keep the schools going we need to be able to pay our teachers for their work. Timpir’s schools are growing and this has put increased pressure on our funding to continue the schools.

Our goal is to raise $6,000 to cover the cost of 3 teacher salaries. Each teacher salary costs $2,000 per year.

You can donate (tax-deductibly*) here:


*Timpir is a partner for Project J943N (South Sudan) with Global Development Group (GDG; ABN 57 102 400 993). GDG is a charitable Non Government Organisation [NGO] carrying out humanitarian projects with approved partners and providing aid to relieve poverty. Gifts over $2 are tax deductible in Australia. All donations are received subject to GDG’s donation and privacy policy (www.gdg.org.au/policy). If excess funds are received they may be applied to other approved project activities.

Timpir was established in 2005 by Mel and Kuol Baak who passionately believe that education is the most important basis for development in the new nation of South Sudan.
Kuol was a former child soldier and refugee from South Sudan who still has strong links to his home region. Mel has a PhD in education which fuels her commitment to improving access to education for all.
Since then Timpir has grown enormously with the support of Australians who believed in us and our vision. We have a dedicated and passionate team both in Australia and on the ground in South Sudan.
Timpir’s main projects focus on supporting two schools in South Sudan. We have over 1300 students enrolled and 16 teachers employed over two schools.

​How Can You Help Us?

1. Donate towards our campaign. This is a simple way to make a real difference.
$160 pays a teacher’s salary for an entire month. But even your spare change will help out.
*Please note that donations are tax deductible*

2. Share our story with your friends and family. Share our story on facebook or email.

3. Hold your own mini-fundraiser or crowdfunding campaign.
In the past some of our Timpir supporters have held fundraising events such as morning teas, dinner parties, classroom fundraisers and personal challenges such as running a marathon. Alternatively, talk to your workplace about them becoming a corporate sponsor.

Please contact us for fundraising kits. One of our inspiring founders can speak about Timpir and our work at your event.

Tax Deductible Donations!

Timpir is delighted to now be able to receive tax deductible donations in Australia, the US, UK, Netherlands and European Union. There are a number of ways in which you can make tax deductible donations in Australia. You can donate using credit card through the secure website www.gdg.org.au/GiveToJ943N . You will need to set up your own log in details and profile which will enable you to make a one-off tax deductible donation or to set up regular tax deductible donations. I will provide the other donation details via email and Timpir’s website.

More details on the website through which you can now make tax deductible donations to Timpir can be found at: http://globaldevelopmentgroup.org/au/projects/j943n-timpir-quality-school/

broken blackboard
broken blackboard
At the moment our schools are desperately in need of new blackboards. For only $100 you can provide a blackboard for a classroom. In addition, we will shortly be starting a school lunch program at both schools to help students who are severely undernourished as a result of the current famine in the region. So we would greatly appreciate any donations towards the food program as well.

Wäramoth Photos 2017

What an exciting day for Timpir. Not only are we able to finally receive tax deductible donations, I have also received 14 photos taken at Wäramoth primary school and sent direct to me via messenger by Wäramoth’s head teacher, Tong Ayei. Wäramoth Primary is doing absolutely brilliantly, with it’s regular 8 teachers now teaching over 700 students in Years 1-8. This year we have over 50 students in Year 8, including 20 girls, which is a testament to the quality of the teaching. As you will see from the photos, Wäramoth Primary is in dire need of further assistance. The blackboards desperately need replacing. For about $100, you can help purchase a new blackboard. Our tax deductible donations page is now up and running, you can donate through our Donate page.

See the video.

Uganda at breaking point as Bidi Bidi becomes world’s largest refugee camp

via the Refugee Law Project (RLP)

“Roughly 3.5 million South Sudanese people – at least one – quarter of the entire country’s population – have had to leave their homes since war broke out in December 2013”


Entertainment Books 2017/18 Now available

Timpir is raising funds. Here’s how you can help…

We are raising as much as we can to support our fundraising, and we need your help! Order your NEW 2017 | 2018 Entertainment Book or Entertainment Digital Membership now. You’ll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and help our fundraising at the same time!

Early bird offers from now until the 1st June 2017


“The Entertainment Book is such a great way to try new restaurants. It’s also a great opportunity to help community organisations. It’s been a big year for Entertainment, with the Digital Memberships as well – just when I didn’t think it could get any better!” – Ali M

Lynda Kutek
0403 043 522


Back to School 2017

Wäramoth Primary students are back at school for 2017. Attendance at the school is looking great with each of the Year 1,2 and 3 classes needing to be split in two due to high student numbers. Thanks to teacher Tong Ayei for this photo of the students at morning assembly last Friday morning. The improvements in technology continue to astound me with Tong now able to send us photos direct from his mobile while at Wäramoth school. In 2007 it took me almost a week in South Sudan before I found a satellite phone to make contact with Australia — what a difference a decade makes 🙂