Volleyball in Wäramoth School

Volleyball Captain
Volleyball Captain
This wonderful student is the captain of the Wäramoth primary school volleyball team. Volleyball is the main sport that girls play at school, with boys playing soccer. The volleyball captain is requesting that Timpir assist the girls of Wäramoth primary school by providing them with balls and a net. If you would like to donate to assist Timpir purchase some volleyballs, a net and a pump for the girls of Wäramoth, please consider donating at

Mabok School lunch program

Over the past 3 months Timpir has been supporting Waramoth and Mabok Primary Schools to implement lunch programs for over 800 11798394_873379846082191_247958846_n (1)students. These programs have been very successful and have seen increases in student numbers at the schools during this period. Providing lunches for the students has many benefits. For many students, this may be the only meal they eat in a day. For parents, knowing their school-attending children have eaten a solid 11801930_873379839415525_1064918815_nmeal enables them to divide their meager food resources among other family members. When students have eaten a meal at school,
this enables them to better concentrate and learn in class. This results in the strong performance as  seen by students at Waramoth in their recent mock exams. These photos are of the students at Mabok Primary enjoying their lunch meal of sorghum with a little stew.
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