Timpir Wäramoth Bore Hole

Wäramoth Bore Hole

Timpir has facilitated the digging of a bore hole in Wäramoth, Aweil region of Bahr el Ghazal, South Sudan. This project is very generously sponsored by the Denton Family. Madäga (a nodding donkey water pump) was like a new Dinka greeting term. This project, like the school, will also be implemented in Wäramoth village. A village, like most villages in South Sudan, that was completely devastated by the war. During the 22 years of civil war, natural water sources dried up.

Women from Wäramoth walk for up to four hours (plus waiting time in the queue) each day in order to bring only 20Lt of water to their families for cooking, washing and drinking. This forces them to leave young children unattended at home for long periods so that the woman can walk faster while balancing a 20Lt jerry can of water on her head and possibly carrying an additional 10Lt in her hand. The digging of a more local bore hole in Wäramoth will allow women to do other essential household chores, and remain with their children, while avoiding wastage of at least 6 hours a day in water collection.

Carrying water

Carrying water

How a bore hole is pumped