Message from Martha

Dear Timpir Supporters,
“Educate a girl, change the world”

We have a message from one of our recent students in Wäramoth:


This is Martha, one of last year’s Year 8 candidates, she is now 17 years old. Martha did well in her Year 8 exams and has been able to go on to high school education at boarding school in Aweil.
Martha spoke with Tong, our project manager in South Sudan:
“I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the Timpir supporters for their hard work to join hands and keep our teachers in school. We hope Timpir will grow well.

Thanks for showing us the word EDUCATION”

If you can contribute please visit our crowdfunding page and share with your friends and colleagues!
So far we have raised almost enough to support 4 of our teachers for the year. We have 14 days left to raise the final $2000. This money goes directly to the Timpir schools in South Sudan and will help keep 1300 students in school!
We all passionately believe that every child deserves a basic education at the very least and as our supporters, we thank you for believing in Timpir and our vision. Please help us get to the finish line!

Thanks again for your support.
Kind regards,
The Timpir Team

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