Timpir South Sudan South Sudan 4th Birthday

South Sudan 4th Birthday

4 years ago today South Sudan became the world’s newest country. The journey so far has been a rollercoaster ride for the fledgling nation, but Timpir has been there every step of the way. As we reflect today on the ups and downs of South Sudan, it is important to acknowledge the achievements of Timpir through the continued support of our donors. We have been working with the people of South Sudan for 10 years now, since the signing of the Peace agreement in 2005. During this period hundreds of children have been supported to learn at Wäramoth and Mabok Primary schools. 2 classes of students have graduated Primary school and over 800 students currently attend the two schools. We have employed over 20 teachers, and while 15 are currently still teaching at the schools, employment and experience working at at impair schools has enabled other teachers to further their education at University and High School, work for other NGOs and the Government. We have run many community development initiatives, some exceptionally successful, such as the digging of bore holes, others that weren’t so successful but have taught us a lot. Our biggest hope is that the young people we are educating become the future of South Sudan and help build a country that is as strong and resilient as its people.

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