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School lunch program

As a result of the terrible situation facing the people of South Sudan at the moment, Timpir is running a school lunch program for students for the next three months. We will provide lunch for the 430 students at Waramoth Primary and 393 students at Mabok Primary for the next three months, and for many this will be the only meal they will eat each day. The program will run from now until the end of August, when food and crops will begin to be available again. Because of the current situation in South Sudan, the price of food is at a record high. As such, it will cost Timpir approximately $2500 each month to feed the approximately 800 students at our schools. We desperately need your help to raise this money. Please consider donating online at https://www.givenow.com.au/timpir or by direct deposit to Timpir’s bank account (for details go to /contact-us/donate/ ). Thanks for your support.

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