2011 Update

In 2011, Timpir has begun supporting a second school in South Sudan. In addition to the continuing support of Wäramoth Primary School, Timpir is now also supporting Mabok Primary School in Aweil South county. Timpir is currently employing three teachers to teach at Mabok Primary School in addition to three teachers who volunteer at the school.  The headmaster, Akol Mayen Akol, has completed his Year 12 certificate in Sudan and is now employed by Timpir to oversee the running and administration of the school. There are currently 272 students enrolled in Years 1-6 at Mabok Primary School with enrolments continuing to grow.

Wäramoth Primary School has started its fourth year operating under Timpir’s support. There are currently six teachers employed at Wäramoth Primary to teach 323 students in Years 1-6. These enrolments will also continue to grow throughout the year.