Back in Kampala, Uganda

The group arrived safe and sound in Kampala yesterday. They had a busy time delivering aid but frustrated at not being able to do as much as they would have liked. The planes from Aweil were full so they made a quick drive to Wau flew from there to Juba then on to Kampala. Akon sounds very happy in the background but, she was very disappointed to leave her cousins, friends and the family’s goats in Wäramoth .

Peter heads off on the Gorilla Safari today while the Baak family have a day of rest. Back in Adelaide on Sunday, Pt Pirie Monday.


The group arrived in Aweil on Monday ready to shop but found their Cashpassport card would not work because the banks have sanctions on Sudan. The rest of the world does not seem to have recognized that South Sudan is now a separate country. They called home for some cash to be transferred but it was 4.05pm and the banks here were closed. They had to delay the shopping and find some accommodation for the night. Tuesday morning Kuol was up early but the money transfer place doesn’t open until 10.00am. They need to buy school supplies and probably every mosquito net available in Aweil. They looked for blackboards but to no avail. So now they are off to deliver text books, stationery and exercise books to Mabok school.

The wheelchairs do not appear to be completed yet so they will attend to that on their return.

Wäramoth Activities

A successful meeting was held with the community resulting in the election of a parents’ committee. The horse was used to bring the bricks from the river to the school. The group are hoping to travel to the 2nd school in the Mabok region on the 13th. Members of the group are experiencing the usual travellers stomach ailments, hopefully all the medications that were carried will fix the problems.


After 2 nights in Juba, the group successfully secured hotly contested seats for a flight to Aweil. They arrived safely in Aweil at approx. 10.15am this morning the 6th Feb. They are hoping to travel to the village of Wäramoth this afternoon. All their luggage got there, so they have succeeded in getting all of the medical gear they were able to carry through the various customs. Akon sounds very excited. They hope to have phone access in the village, the updates will be dependent on this.