Back in Kampala, Uganda

The group arrived safe and sound in Kampala yesterday. They had a busy time delivering aid but frustrated at not being able to do as much as they would have liked. The planes from Aweil were full so they made a quick drive to Wau flew from there to Juba then on to Kampala. Akon sounds very happy in the background but, she was very disappointed to leave her cousins, friends and the family’s goats in Wäramoth .

Peter heads off on the Gorilla Safari today while the Baak family have a day of rest. Back in Adelaide on Sunday, Pt Pirie Monday.

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The group have made it to the village of Wäramoth. They managed to get a car in Aweil, although I believe it may have a few fuel issues. On the


After 2 nights in Juba, the group successfully secured hotly contested seats for a flight to Aweil. They arrived safely in Aweil at approx. 10.15am this morning the 6th Feb.