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Volleyball in Wäramoth School

Volleyball Captain
Volleyball Captain
This wonderful student is the captain of the Wäramoth primary school volleyball team. Volleyball is the main sport that girls play at school, with boys playing soccer. The volleyball captain is requesting that Timpir assist the girls of Wäramoth primary school by providing them with balls and a net. If you would like to donate to assist Timpir purchase some volleyballs, a net and a pump for the girls of Wäramoth, please consider donating at

‘Major Humanitarian Crisis’ in South Sudan

One of Timpir’s board members, Tash Elsley’s lecturer is currently volunteering with MSF in South Sudan. The situation in parts of South Sudan is dire. The communities in Northern Bahr el Ghazal which Timpir supports are fortunately currently not being directly impacted on, but our thoughts are with the more than 1.5 million displaced, and all those who are being affected by the current conflict.